TriviaMaster: The Good Times Trivia Challenge

TriviaMaster: The Good Times Trivia Challenge

TriviaMaster© is the weekly good times trivia challenge.
Currently we are conducting TriviaMaster sessions online!
Visit our Facebook Page to see our schedule of events.

Our sessions cover a wide range of topics. There is something for everyone:

  • the couch potato
  • the film buff
  • the sports statistician
  • the mental encyclopedia
  • the globe trotter
  • the historian
  • and of course, the walking talking font of useless information.

Do you square off regularly against your friends playing trivia knowledge board games?

Do you sit at home shouting out answers at Alex Trebek across your dinner table?

Do you routinely shake your head with Ellen as someone fails to know the name
of the architect who designed Washington, D.C.?

If so, you may just have a chance at being a TriviaMaster© !

You haven't done trivia until you've taken the TriviaMaster© Challenge!

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